Privacy Policy

The site does not automatically collect any personal information from users who are not registered, thus allowing visitors to browse anonymously.

In the case of some services, cookies (text file saved on the user’s computer for the purpose of personalizing visits) can be used to account for the number of visits to the site without personally identifying the user. This type of cookies does not store or collect any kind of personal information of the user, and its installation can always be controlled, through the user’s browser.

The personal information voluntarily provided by the user when filling out the forms on this website is for the exclusive information of and / or the advertisers to whom the information is directed. The site will not disclose the data collected to third parties without the prior consent of its owner. This information may only be used to develop mechanisms for personalization of your site and for the electronic sending of informational messages and news about the site itself.

This privacy policy may be changed in the future. For the clarification of any doubt, please send a message by email to